Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman, April 11, 1916


My dear Marcet

I took supper Sunday night with Mrs North and Dorothy and was a little startled when the latter said she had written to you on the basis of something I had said. She was anxious to know how affairs stood and I told her that they were progressing but I was sure would at least wait for my approval [etc. etc].

I don't want you to think that I betray your confidence even to [page 2] your own intimate friends and your letters are safely put away in a locked drawer [although] of course they would be most illuminating to such as Dorothy.

I was rejoiced over your telegram. Please send over later the exact date and I will plan to be there.

I am here now in Mrs Bowen's house and the doctor is about to begin a course of tuberculin treatment which will tie me down pretty well.

I still have a rise in temperature [page 3] every afternoon and that means that I am not to be allowed much exercise.

Prest Wilson sent me a box of red roses from the White House yesterday, so there are some compensations in being ill. With cordial greetings to "Julius," I am always yours devotedly

J Addams

April 11" 1916