Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, November 8, 1916


Nov. 8" 1916


My dear Myra

Mary Smith is sending Jane a porringer and I am sending two spoons to go with it -- the big one is the [dessert] spoon I used all through college and the little one marked S. B. belonged to my grandmother Sarah Beaver, then to my mother Sarah Weber, so that it belonged to Jane's great, great grandmother. [page 2] I was a little alarmed at the prospect of your [starting] the house yourselves -- I don't believe that you ought to try to do the outside.

How is the money holding out in the building fund, do let me know about it. I thought my Xmas present to Jane should be a white bed with sides, a regular child's bed that she could use until she was six years old. Will you get a nice one and send the bill to me or shall I send a check on the prices here? With love to you all, your loving aunt Jane Addams

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