Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, June 4, 1916


June 4" 1916


My dear Marcet

I hope very much that you can give me next Sunday for luncheon. Will you ask Julius whether he has any Socialist friends in Chicago whom he would like to have invited. I know several of them in the Nat. headquarters but do not know whom he knows.

I wish I might be with you tomorrow on your mother's birthday, for I am sure you will [page 2] think of her in the midst of your great happiness.

I am afraid that I am not to be allowed to travel this week but will certainly go to Cedarville before we leave for Bar Harbor -- if I am well enough for the longer journey there is no doubt they will let me take the short one. Please give [our?] love to the dear household and to Julius. Always your loving aunt Jane Addams.

P.S. As my letters deal so largely with the proposed luncheon and are so purely social, I will address them as Mrs Emanuel Julius. When you return to the bank I will use the other name.

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