Jane Addams et al. to Booker T. Washington, February 13, 1913


American Association for Labor Legislation

131 East 23d St., New York City,
Feb. 13, 1913
My dear Mr. Washington:

In December we wrote asking you to help us in this year's legislative campaign. Perhaps our letter failed to reach you; or did it fail to make clear our aims?

Much of the suffering caused by industrial accidents and diseases and by the debilitating fatigue of seven-day labor, may be PREVENTED. But how?

We have definite plans. (See leaflet enclosed).

Over 40 state legislatures are now at work on labor laws. We need a large, earnest, intelligent membership to support our carefully drawn bills for promoting the health and safety of wage-earners.

Will you not [cooperate] with us? If you cannot give time, your membership fee will help further the work.

Minimum membership fee, including subscription to our quarterly Review, is but $3.
Yours sincerely,
Jane Addams [signed]

Irving Fisher [signed]

John B. Andrews [signed]

Samuel McCune Lindsay [signed]
Membership Committee.

P. S. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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