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Lindsay asks Addams to join a committee seeking tax exemptions for charitable donations.

Lindsay provides names of potential members to work on a Federal Commission on Industrial Relations.

Addams seeks Washington's aid in a campaign for labor regulations.

Lindsay rejects Addams' proposition to make him chairman of the Committee on Social and Industrial Justice, but suggests alternatives.

Lindsay discusses the summer program for the Progressive National Service's Department of Social and industrial Justice and urges a meeting in New York.

Lindsay sends Kellogg a plan for the Progressive Party's Department of Social and Industrial Justice.

A report of the work of the Department of Social and Industrial Justice, regarding legislative efforts concerning industrial accident insurance.

Lindsay sends Kellor a report of the Progressive Legislative Committee.

The American Association for Labor Legislation seeks support of time and money to conduct its work.

Lindsay writes to the members of the Committee on Industrial Relations with news about a delegation to meet with President Taft.

Addams and a number of other leaders petition President Taft to open a commision to study the conditions of labor, its relation to the government, the cost of strikes, and trade unions.

Lindsay encloses a list of names sent by Addams and Graham Taylor which should be used with the funding request from the National Child Labor Committee.
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