Jane Addams to Vida Dutton Scudder, April 25, 1900


My dear Miss Scudder

I am giving a lecture tonight in a little town in western Iowa and at last find time to answer your letter.

I very much admire the attitude you have taken in regard to the Standard Oil money [although] of course the position is vulnerable from many points. It really reduces itself to this -- that if none of us formulate our opinions and compunctions and act upon them, there [page 2] will be absolutely no chance of getting out, and we must face the inconsistency of acting individually upon a social matter, until our groups are formed. Personally I am ↑not↓ so clear as you are in regard to this particular money -- the University of Chicago presents new perplexities constantly -- but I am thankful for your view and the statement of it.

I have filed your letter [page 3] in regard to the head resident of the Ky. Settlement and have little doubt but that something can be found for her, as requests come often for people to take charge of new settlements.

Miss Starr has been at home for the week, and a letter [today] contains the news of her mother's death. Miss Fitts is enjoying the House I think, we are trying to have her see as much as [page 4] possible of the schools in town. I am [more] attached to Dr Dewey's experiment.

I hope Miss Dudley is better and I never cease to hope that we shall some day have a long visit from you both.

Always affectionately yours

Jane Addams

April 25" 1900


I had no opportunity to talk to Miss Hazard [although] I saw something of her -- I do not know that I am clear enough to have helped -- she talked some time with Mayor Jones whom she met at H. H.