National Conference of Charities and Corrections, The National Bulletin, November 12, 1908 (excerpts)


The National Bulletin

(Second issue of twelfth year)

A Year's Progress

Extracts from Reports from States

Almshouses: C.O.S. Etc.: Children: Child Labor: Compulsory Education: Contributory Delinquency: Deaf and Blind: Desertion and Non-Support: Emergency Relief: Employer's Liability: Epileptics and Feeble Minded: General Hospitals: Housing: Insane: Jails and Workhouses: Juvenile Courts: Juvenile Reformatories: Paupers: Playgrounds: Prisons and Prisoners: Probation: Public Opinion: Reformatories: State Supervision: State Conferences: Tuberculosis: Vagrancy: Vice, Protection, Etc.: Sundry Items.

Organization of the 36th Conference
Officers of the Conference
The Standing Committees
The State Corresponding Secretaries

The Conference Sermon of 1908

Publication of the Conference
Files of the Proceedings
The Cumulative Index
Guide to the Study of Charities and Correction
The National Bulletin

Original Poetry
The Spirit of the Conference

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At Fort Wayne, Ind.

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O'Sullivan, Mercer Reformatory, Toronto; F.G. Pettigrove, State House, Boston; Frank L. Randall, St. Cloud, Minn.; E.R. Rogers, Ottawa, Canada.

IMMIGRANTS — Miss Jane Addams, Chairman, Hull House, Chicago; Robert W. Bingham, Paul Jones Building, Louisville; Dr. David Blaustein, 184 Eldridge Street, New York; Joseph W. Brooks, 1001 Kayser Building, Baltimore; Dr. P. H. Bryce, Ottawa, Ontario; Miss Jean Gordan, 1800 Prytania Street, New Orleans; John H. Holliday, 1121 North Meridan Street, Indianapolis; Daniel McCann, 1123 Oak Avenue, Evanston; Mrs. R. L. McLaurin, Vicksburg, Miss.; Frank L. McVey, 822 Seventh Street S.E., Minneapolis; Judge Julian W. Mack, Court House, Chicago; Miss Sarah W. Moore, 129 Broad Street, New York; Dr. Jessica Peixotto, Berkeley, Calif.; Miss Frances Perkins, 19 East Twenty-sixth Street, New York; Roderick Potter, 656 Ellicott Square, Buffalo; James F. Reilly, Harrisburg, Pa.; Mrs. Hugo Rosentberg, Hotel Schenley, Pittsburg, Pa.; Gino C. Speranza, 40 Pine Street, New York; Rev. B. M. Spurr, Moundsville, W. Va.; Edward A. Steiner, Grinnell, Ia.; Oscar Strauss, Washington, D.C.; Thomas N. Strong,  President City Board of Charities, Portland, Ore.; Capt. A. Thompson, Morecombe, England; Robert Watchorn, Commissioner of Immigration, Ellis Island, New York.

PRESS AND PUBLICITYH. Wirt Steele, Chairman, 101 Saratoga Street, Baltimore; Eratus Brainard, Post-Intelligence,  Seattle, Was.; Hilton U. Brown, Indianapolis News, Indianapolis; John Stewart Bryan, Richmond, Va.; Charles H. Grasty, Boston; Arthur P. Kellogg, 105 East Twenty-second Street, New York; Porter R. Lee, 19 West Tupper street, Buffalo; J.C. Logan, 705 Gould Building Atlanta; A.W. McDougall, 10 Academy Street, Newark, N.J.; Tom C. Noyes, Star Building, Washington, D.C.; Miss Louise Speed, 221 East Walnut Street, Louisville, Ky.; Charles F. Weller, Fulton building, [Pittsburgh].

STATE CORRESPONDING SECRETARIES— Alabama, Mrs. Julia S. Tutwiler, Livingston; Alaska, Rev. Sheldon Jackson, Washington, D.C.; Arkansas, Prof. J.H. Reynolds, Fayetteville; California, W.A. Gates Berkeley; Colorado, Clarence Hagar, State Capitol, Denver; Connecticut, Charles P. Kellogg, Waterbury; Delaware, Mrs. Emalea P. Warner, Kentmere Place, Wilmington; District of Columbia, Geo. S. Wilson, District Bldg., Washington; Florida, Mrs. Cora Hawley Seaton, Astor Bldg., Jacksonville; Georgia, Dr. T.D. Longino, 61 Parks Street, Atlanta; Idaho, J.T. Humphries, St. Anthony; Illinois, Wm. C. Graves, State Board of Charities, Springfield; Miss Laura Greely, 52 State House, Indianapolis; Iowa, F.S. Treat, State House, Des Moines; Kansas, F.W. Knapp, Secretary of [end fragment]