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Addams discusses peace and women's roles in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Affelder sends Addams the names of recent contributors to the Barnett Memorial Fellowship.

Affelder sends Addams names of recent donors to the Barnett Memorial Fellowship.

Kellogg tells to Addams about the work of the Charles Cabot and the Cabot Fund to support the rights of steel workers.

Keppel advises Addams that the Carnegie Corporation's support is mostly through colleges, but that they might supports arts in settlements at some point in the future.

Hall sends Addams names of people who might support the Barnett Memorial Fellowship.

Barnett misses Addams and wants to hear more of her activities and inner thoughts.

The Tribune reports on the potential closure of the Russian Pedagogium Falkenberg in Falkenberg and efforts to save it.

Ekern thanks Smith for her donation to the La Follette campaign and asks her to see if some friends might also support it.

Hester asks Addams to write a letter about her experience at St. Luke's Hospital in Tokyo that could be used for fundraising.

Addams discusses the need to understand the poor in order to solve the problems of poverty.

Lloyd sends Thomas a check for the Old People Fund.

Holt asks Addams's opinion on the Woodrow Wilson Foundation's program.

Eaton thanks Addams for speaking to the Consumers' League of Syracuse and suggests a caroling fundraising appeal for European children.

John Szlupas writes Jane Addams in regards to his movement to improve education in Eastern Europe.
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Addams discusses the problems that charity workers face when they bring middle-class assumptions about the poor to their efforts to practically help them.

Addams discusses woman's capacity for bad behavior and that women's philanthropy should be more active in areas like child labor.

Addams reports on efforts of women in creating exhibits that discussed social economy compared to the Paris Exhibition in 1900.

Lindsay asks Addams to join a committee seeking tax exemptions for charitable donations.

Addams discusses Raymond Robins' assignment in Russia and Hull-House affairs.

Webster sends Addams a pamphlet on The World's Peace Film Co. which details the company's officers and its plan to create films to promote world peace. It also describes how people can invest in the company to make a profit.

Stewart informs Addams of an endorsement by the Subscriptions Investigating Committee and the proper format for referencing this endorsement on paper.