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Addams discusses the value of playgrounds for urban children, emphasizing the situation for youth in London.

Barrett thanks Addams for her articles about prostitution and explains the work of the Florence Crittenton Mission.
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Addams delivered this address at the Illinois Conference on Charities on October 24, 1905, discussing the lack of interest in learning about recent immigrants and working with them.

Van Hook writes Addams about her missionary work in Persia and the suffering of the people there.
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Addams' second address at the memoriam for Jessie Bross Lloyd discusses their relationship and friendship.

Coman reassures Addams about her health, compliments her new article in McClure's Magazine, and discusses plans for the International Institute for Girls in Spain.
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Addams gave this speech at the National Conference on Charities and Correction, reporting on the activities of the Committee on Neighborhood Improvement.

Kellogg asks Addams and other members of the Educational Committee to donate funds to launch Survey magazine.

Table of contents and page with the membership of the Committees on immigrants, press and publicity, and state corresponding secretaries.

Addams provides Straus with information on the Committee on Immigrants program coming up at the Conference of Charities and Correction.

The Chicago Daily Tribune, summarizes Addams' talk to the Chicago Bureau of Charities on the morality of charity.

Bowen tells Addams she wants to donate money to build a place for boys.
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Addams discusses several charity and philanthropic efforts by the National Council of Jewish Women.

Lindsey writes Addams regarding members of the Denver Charity Commission who are traveling in Chicago and asks her to meet them. Lindsey also reports on his successful election.

Lindsey writes Addams to introduce her to O. S. Storrs, C. B. James and Daniel Webb who are traveling east and expresses his appreciation for any courtesies that Addams will show them during their visit.

Vincent thanks Addams for her praise, which has embarrassed him.

Dudley recounts her time in Assisi, Italy, and praises Addams' book,Democracy and Social Ethics.

Addams reports that she sent a check to the Miners Relief Fund.

Lindsey writes to Addams expressing frustration at a sensationalized news story.
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