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Wales updates Addams regarding the conference in Stockholm and asks her to wire information to Ford.

Addams seeks financial contributions to support the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's congress to be held after the war.

Addams explains the travel and meeting arrangements for the National Committees of Five and Delegates and Alternates of the International Congress of Women.

Addams reflects on the railroad crash she endured and gives her impressions of the General Federation of Women's Clubs meeting.

The International Congress of Women's report of activities including Jane Addams' address, resolutions, and a report of the work done by the delegations to European capitals.

Post gives her preferences regarding the Executive Board meeting, suggesting it be in New York or Boston.

Spencer suggests the Executive Board meeting be held in Chicago, and states issues that may arise by having it in New York.

Lochner complains about the state of finances for paying speakers on the west coast, but still hopes that Addams, Schwimmer, or MacMillan will be able to give an address.

Duggan reminds Addams of her topic and time slot for the program of the National Conference on the Foreign Relations of the United States.
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