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Post accepts the nomination as an alternate delegate of Andrews for the Committee of Five.

Thomas discusses the formation of the Emergency Peace Committee and points discussed at the meeting.

Secor sends a telegram to various peace organizations urging them to send delegates to an emergency peace federation.

Addams writes to tell Leinbach that she does not have family records but advises him to contact Clara Young regarding them.

Dewey sends an invitation to Carnegie, Addams and others to join the National Council of the Committee on National Aid to Education.

Addams sends Kellogg money to renew her subscription to the Survey.
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Addams resigns from the Rockford College Board of Trustees due to a lack of time.

Karsten asks Baldwin not to use Addams' name with the Liberty Defense Union until she has agreed to have it used.

A list of name of people likely to join the national committee of the Liberty Defense Union.

Moore sends Addams news of the Biennial Meeting of the National Council of Women.

Bowers informs Addams that the dues for the National Council of Women have been increased.

Addams explains her plans for the delegates to the Women's Congress.

Addams explains the need to fill a vacancy left by Kelley's resignation and recent elections for the Committee of Five.

Addams expresses her belief that the Women's Peace Party could be the organization Marple is looking for and hopes she will contribute her fortune to the International Congress.

Eastman reports to Mead about the New York State Convention, outlining her view of the conflict with Ruth Williams over peace efforts.

Addams sends Kellogg her renewal for her subscription to the Survey.

Kellogg reminds Addams to renew her Survey subscription.

Addams tells Kellogg that she is happy to e reelected to the Survey board and tries to get out of writing an article.

Addams explains travel and meeting arrangements for delegates attending the International Congress of Women After the War.

Addams explains the travel and meeting arrangements for the National Committees of Five and Delegates and Alternates of the International Congress of Women.
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