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Addams explains travel and meeting arrangements for delegates attending the International Congress of Women After the War.

Addams explains the travel and meeting arrangements for the National Committees of Five and Delegates and Alternates of the International Congress of Women.

Hyers writes to deny the official association of two particular woman to the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams informs Thomas that Hope McDonald will be appointed as chair of the Woman's Peace Party of Minnesota.

Karsten tells Selenka how voting will work at the upcoming meeting of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams informs Wald that she won't make her upcoming meeting.

Addams informs Schwimmer of a peace meeting postponement.

Post relates details on the location, price, and food of the meeting in Washington, D.C. to Abbott. Post also suggests extending invitations to certain individuals.

Karsten criticizes the New York Branch of the Woman's Peace Party for their prior disorganization, but urges Carroll to connect with them now.

Addams writes to McCulloch explaining she has no intention of joining an Advisory Board for Illinois Equal Suffrage Association.

Jong asks Addams whether she will join the International Committee of Research of the Central Organization for a Durable Peace.

Addams thanks Villard for her role on the Woman's Peace Party board in 1915.

Addams reaches out to members of the ICWPP in order to determine the time and place of an International Conference.

Lindsay provides names of potential members to work on a Federal Commission on Industrial Relations.

Thomas asks Addams if she can appoint Mary Judd the new head of the Minnesota branch of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams calls a meeting of the Executive Committee in Boston on October 7, regardless if all of the Board members can attend.

Kellogg sends Addams financial information about The Survey and believes that they will reach their membership goal by the end of their fiscal year.

Karsten informs Addams that Gulick is the secretary of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Addams accepts Balch's invitation to serve as a correspondent with the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and suggests two other people to be considered.

Addams writes a short note to Breckinridge clarifying that letters were sent out with full postage.

Thomas asks for instructions on how she should communicate information on a pamphlet to Shutze and the other Board members.

Addams shows the letter she received from Wise to Breckinridge and asks her opinion on the question Wise posed.

Wise consents that Addams will not serve in his commission, and asks her about her opinion between Adolph Lawisohn and Julius Rosenwald.

Thomas forwards Addams a letter asking her to join an organization and comments on Addams' popularity and her improving health.
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