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Addams responds to Dr. E. Benjamin Andrews provocative statement that unmarried individuals "have no place in society nor in the scheme of the universe." This is part of a longer article that quotes many people.

Addams' gives a brief quote on New Years resolutions.

Addams informs Sedgwick that he may use her article in any way he pleases.

Wilson thanks Addams for her endorsement and on her recent article in the Atlantic Monthly.

Marsh thanks Addams for sending The Women at the Hague.

Devine tells Addams that he revised an editorial and that Taft wanted to appoint her as a member of the Industrial Commission.

The Macmillan Company sends Addams an advance royalty check for The Long Road of Women's Memory.

Bok makes recommendations for Addams' article which he wants to put in Ladies' Home Journal.

Addams sends Sedgwick revisions to "The Devil Baby," her article for The Atlantic Monthly.

A list of articles Addams wrote on the Progressive Party's values.

Kellogg encloses a transcript of Addams's chapters and apologizes.

McNitt details how Addams' articles will be disseminated in the coming weeks.

Addams thanks Kellogg for the editorial and plans to work on an article for the Survey.

Kellogg asks Addams for an article on social service and peace for The Survey, which has been struggling lately due to its stance on peace.

Ford discusses readings pertaining to her discussion with Hyers.

Addams informs Daggett that she is sending over a manifesto.

Karsten sends Matthews some literature regarding military preparedness and refers him to other sources of information which she believes would benefit him.

Karsten informs Heskett that Addams is out of the office, and thanks him for the leaflets that he had sent to her.

Addams tells Sedgwick that she has completed two articles which were previously unfinished, and asks to be informed of his decision regarding their printing within two weeks.
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Addams praises President Wilson on accomplishing many of the goals of the Progressive Party during his first term.
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Addams tells the story of two immigrant women's difficulties making enough to earn a living, their experiences with unions, and poverty.
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Addams and Lochner retell the events of the International Congress of Women.
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One of Addams' cabled reports to the New York Times, relaying events at the International Congress of Women.

An interview with Addams, by Marshall, right before she leaves for the The Hague peace conference. In this interview Addams discusses the importance of the conference and of women's peace movements.
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