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Addams asserts that women have slowly been taking advantage of their enfranchisement and that prohibition has not proved to be a failure.

Addams disagrees with Rebecca West's assertion that men are predisposed to menial tasks by nature.

Addams tells Taylor that she would be happy to write a foreword for Marcelle Capy's book and to support a lecture series.

Addams thanks Goodspeed for his article on Charles Hutchinson and apologizes that her article was too personal to send.
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Kellogg asks Addams to participate in a symposium on Fred How's autobiography.

Armes describes Russian refugee Jan Pouren's efforts to enter and remain in the United States.

Addams agrees to Leach's request to write an article.

Addams telegrams Kellogg that she cannot get a real article to him by July 7 but will send a few paragraphs on the peace activities that summer.

Kelley asks Addams to write an article to help a push to ratify the Child Labor Amendment.