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Marsh writes Addams that he is pleased to hear her work on Spirit of Youth and the City Streets is progressing well and is excited to hear that she will start her book on Hull-House soon after.

Addams promises to work on her upcoming book, but refuses to let Brett announce it until she knows if it is worth publishing.

Brett suggests to Addams that she consider working on her new book for a fall publication date.

Bok asks Addams to revise an article submitted on religious education, asking her to edit it with an eye toward the appeal of a more general audience.

Abbott writes Addams to offer a gentle criticism of her negative use of the word "cadet" in her McClure's articles.

Ely comments on Addams' manuscript for her new book,Newer Ideals of Peace

Addams thanks Breckinridge for sending The Three Plays by Brieux and mentions that she may send a copy of the manuscript of her new book,A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil, for suggestions.

Addams writes about missing Smith, her writing, and some prints that she purchased.

Addams writes Smith about visits with friends and her recent writing.
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Addams and Withington introduce a series of essays by Henry Demarest Lloyd for a posthumous compilation Man, the Social Creator.

Addams thanks Breckinridge for sending her a report on education, encloses a letter about the issues of rural education, and notes that she has lost faith in her writing writing project.

McLaughlin thanks Addams for agreeing to contribute to Cyclopedia of American Government and praises her books.

Addams thanks Brett for sending her an advancement of her royalties and mentions the potential plan for her new book.

Marsh congratulates Addams on the rave review of Twenty Years at Hull HouseinThe Nation.

Addams declines Hart's invitation to write for the Cyclopedia of American Government.

Addams negotiates with McClure over the publication of a series of articles from her A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil manuscript.

Addams writes Breckinridge about progress on her book and discusses Edith Abbott's trip to Europe.

Hamilton suggests illustrations for Addams' manuscript of A Newer Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

Gulick writes Addams to praise her book and express awe that she can write when her work keeps her so busy.

Tarbell writes Addams about American Magazine'swishes to publish parts of her upcoming book,Twenty Years at Hull House.

Jordan asks Addams to write an article about the turning point in her career forHarper's Bazar.

Brett writes to Addams suggesting a book idea about Hull-House.

Voss writes Addams about a historical error in one of her articles in American Magazine.
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