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Culbertson's poem argues that the result of the war will be the passing of monarchy in favor of rule by the people.

Schoenrock sends Addams a poem about Addams and discusses how women in America are feeling about current events.

Lindsay tells Addams that he has issued a series of war poems and discusses his conflicted thought on it.

Karsten thanks Thompson for his letter but returns his poem as they have no capacity to publish it.

Thompson sends Addams an anti-war poem for publication.

Karsten sends Radley peace literature and invites her to a Chicago Branch of the Woman's Peace Party meeting.

Vincent offers contributions to the Peace Movement and asks to help further however needed. She concludes with a religious poem.

Woodburn writes to Addams describing a poem written by multiple people and an event involving children of all nationalities in the hopes of promoting world peace.

Richepin's ballad centers around a young man and his misguided love.
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