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Jacobs writes Addams in alarm over the news of her impending breast surgery.

Addams tells Jacobs about her illness and surgery in Japan and describes the effects of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

Addams discusses deciding who to vote for in the Presidential Election.

Addams tells Jacobs that she should be healthy enough to sail to Europe in April.

Addams telegraphs Schwimmer that she cannot undertake ocean travel due to her health.

Addams reflects on the railroad crash she endured and gives her impressions of the General Federation of Women's Clubs meeting.

Addams tells Jacobs that she is still too ill to travel and discusses options for holding a meeting of the International Congress of Women for a Permanent Peace.

Addams invites Brownell to visit Hull-House and remarks on the popularity of Brownell's photograph of her.

Karsten informs Mead about suggestions Addams has regarding the Board meeting, and also that Addams will be staying at Lake Geneva for two weeks.
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