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Webster writes Lathrop news of a contest to identify the twelve greatest women in America that Addams is leading.

Addams offers a tribute to Theodore Roosevelt on news of his death.

Addams tells Haldemasn-Julius about her plans to go to Europe and asks about family events.

Addams thanks Stahl for suggesting a farewell dinner in her honor to be held in late May.

Balch tells Hamilton about efforts to secure the Nobel Prize for Addams as a means to raise awareness of WILPF's work.

Schurgast asks Addams to support a fund to help Minna Cauer.

Blatch asks Addams to support efforts to erect monuments to woman suffrage leaders in Washington, DC.

Ickes thanks Addams for speaking at the tribute for Theodore Roosevelt held at the Auditorium.

Addams relates her upcoming travels to Linn, and sends them some money for the hospital.

Addams tells Ickes that she can speak briefly on Theodore Roosevelt as a social reformer.

Kellogg thanks Addams for her Theodore Roosevelt memorial.

Addams praises Roosevelt's work for immigrants, child labor, and corporate corruption during his political career.

Addams tells Ickes that she will give a memorial speech about Theodore Roosevelt but does not think she should be a member of the committee.

Addams sends Kellogg a memorial she wrote for Theodore Roosevelt.

Ickes notes that Addams has been asked to join a committee for a memorial to Theodore Roosevelt.

Addams gives a memorial address on Merritt Pinckney's work on the juvenile court at his funeral on June 9 at St. Paul's Universalist Church. It was published in Unity a month later.

Addams discusses Theodore Roosevelt's impact on social work in a memorial symposium.
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Addams reminisces about Samuel and Henrietta Barnett and Toynbee Hall at the National Federation of Settlements Conference.
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Addams shares a memory of Caroline Severance, who recently passed away.
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A stenographer's transcript of a tribute by Addams given at the memorial for Frank Hutchins.

Addams regrets agreeing to speak at a memorial service for Frank Hutchins because she did not know him. She suggests having other speakers added who had personal connections.

Addams asks Lighty to arrange for more speakers at Frank Hutchins' memorial.

Lighty provides Addams with details for the memorial for Frank A. Hutchins.

Lighty thanks Addams for participating in the Frank Hutchins memorial and says that her talk went over well.

Barnett sends a notice to the National Federation of Settlements from a message that the late Samuel Barnett once delivered.

Barnett sends Addams some works on her husband for a memorial service and talks of the changes in her new life as a widow.

Flint relates the history of the Jane Addams Chorus and the women who helped build it.

Barnett discusses an article to be published in the Survey and its implications on publication in England.
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