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Lindsey asks Addams to meet his friend Winifred Bonfils, who is expected to visit Chicago soon.

Addams invites Wald to visit Hull-House with Irene Lewisohn and discusses Mary Rozet Smith's health.

Addams writes Wald about Mary Smith's return to Chicago, Joseph Bowen's death, and the progress of the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit.

Addams writes Wald with news of her work, Mary Rozet Smith, and Smith's father.

Addams sends Wald a gift and warm Christmas wishes.

Addams writes Smith about visits with friends and her recent writing.

Addams asks Smith about the continuing health problems of her father and expresses her regret to be away and unable to be of more help.
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Addams' second address at the memoriam for Jessie Bross Lloyd discusses their relationship and friendship.
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Addams' eulogy for Jessie Bross Lloyd, part of a memorial held at Hull-House, praises Lloyd's friendship, love of conversation, and generosity.
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Draft of Addams' eulogy for Gordon Dewey, who died at eight years of age.

Coman reassures Addams about her health, compliments her new article in McClure's Magazine, and discusses plans for the International Institute for Girls in Spain.

Addams thanks Fields for a letter praising her latest article in McClure's about prostitution, and she notes that it meant even more to her than a letter for Theodore Roosevelt.

Lindsey sends Addams a letter of introduction for Ida Moore.

Bancroft writes Addams to praise her book and express appreciation for her.

Addams writes Smith about travel arrangements and Smith's visit.

Addams sends her best wishes and a check to Abbott, who is leaving on a trip abroad.

McDowell writes Addams to praise her new book, The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

Addams writes about Wald's impending visit to see her in Maine.

Addams congratulates Ewing on the birth of her daughter and sends Christmas wishes along with a copy of her new book,The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

Addams thanks Ewing for the apples, expresses sorrow for the fire he experienced, and congratulates him on his new baby.

Lindsey writes Addams about some trouble he is having with utility corporations in Denver.

Addams writes Smith with news from home and about a book she is sending as an early birthday present.

William praises Addams's new book and expresses his admiration of her and his appreciation for her insights.

Dudley thanks Addams for sending her a copy of her book,The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

Guiteau thanks Addams for sending her an autographed copy ofTwenty Years at Hull House and expresses her grateful for their friendship.

Addams responds to issues Smith mentioned in her last letter.

Mack writes Addams that he is grateful to have an autographed copy of her new book.

Addams writes Smith about her disappointment in missing Thanksgiving at Hull-House because of a wound, but reports she is improving after working on a speech and seeing the arrival of copies ofTwenty Years at Hull House.

Addams writes Smith, criticizing her own work after the publishing of Twenty Years at Hull House, and reporting news about her health and Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.
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