Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, April 24, 1915

S.S. Noordam
April 24" 1915
off the Dover Coast.

My Dear One

I wrote you a cryptic letter today because it had to be read by the officer on the guard ship. We will have been here for 72 hours by tomorrow morning. Heaven only knows why, the Capt doesn't and the officers of the guard ship don't, but at 2.30 today the orders finally came that we might go. We start tomorrow morning and it is really a great relief for we had come to think that we [page 2] were detained because of the Peace delegation when we saw by the English papers which come abroad every day, the way the government was opposing the English delegates. They finally gave 20 out of the 180, passports the very night before all shipping was stopped to Holland. But that probably had nothing to do with it, [although] we telegraphed to Mr Page in London and wrote to all the M.P's we knew. Mr Page telegraphed a kind reply but I imagine we got off without his help. It gives you a strange feeling, no one [page 3] gives you any explanation of anything calling it merely a new order.

It has been very beautiful here for four days, we have seen all kinds of craft -- torpedoes, boats, destroyers [etc].

Give my love to L de B. and to all of H.H. It is a long time to wait for letters, but I hope for one at The Hague.

Always yrs J. A.