Jane Addams to May Wright Sewall, March 24, 1915


March 24, 1915

My dear Mrs. Sewall: --

I should be very glad to take the [program] on Social Service. It is, as you know, very closely identified with Peace. I am sending you the Peace number of The Survey with a statement which some of the Social Service people got out quite early last year.

I have just decided to go to The Hague which means that I shall have to do many things before I start on the 10th or 13th of April. I am afraid that I could not do a great deal about taking up the [program] before then, but I should be glad to do it immediately upon my return and perhaps take up some of the preliminary correspondence now.

I am very much obliged to you for your kind offer. There is just a chance that I may not be able to be in San Francisco in July but in any event I should be happy to send my [program].

I am sorry that the leaflets from the [Woman's] Peace Party have been delayed -- I am sure that any time a telegram will bring them by the first mail. [page 2] I have just returned from the country after attending the funeral of my sister at our old home at Cedarville, and have been so absorbed by her illness during the last ten days that I have had no time for other matters.

Thanking you for your cordial letter, I am

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. May Wright Sewall
San Francisco, California.