Anna Sturges Duryea to Jane Addams, February 22, 1915


My dear Miss Addams --

I am speaking constantly -- here of the Woman's Peace Party -- and [have] in Tarrytown, Greenwich, Norwalk, New Haven various organizations ready to become group members, and I am putting them in touch with the state officers.

I am finding hindrance and [page 2] hesitation in various places about the suffrage plank and the statement that appeal is made to all women of America.

Mrs. Glendower Evans has said publicly (I heard her say it) in contradiction to the statement of our preamble, that all women are wanted to join our ranks -- that "we do not want those who cannot accept the suffrage plank." I have recently been told that you have made [page 3] the same statement in writing -- though I do not know to whom.

I wish I might have a word from you about this so I may speak with authority when the matter is brought up.

The non-suffrage and anti-suffrage women seem to feel that being women of The United States and as much opposed to war as any suffragist can be they should not be <made> nominally eligible but practically ineligible by the attitude of the officers.

Will you tell me what your attitude is regarding this matter?

Hoping that all is going well with your work and with all good wishes.

Yours most sincerely,

Anne Sturges Duryea

41 W. 84th St.
New York.
Feb. 22nd '15.

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