Edward Bok to Jane Addams, March 11, 1914



March 11, 1914

My dear Miss Addams:

The article on the woman over fifty is excellent, -- so far as it goes. But you have omitted all reference to yourself, -- the very basis on which I hoped the article might rest. Evidently this was consciously done, but do you realize how much popular reach would be added to it if we could interject such a note? You have perhaps said to yourself: "Having no domestic ties I can give all my time to work and am therefore, not a fair example" -- That is true, which is also true that there are thousands of women similarly situated who do nothing for others, and I want to [page 2] reach those as well as the others. Is your objection to the personal note so strong that it cannot be overcome in this instance for the good it may do? All I want is a statement of how you regulate your life & work: how you plan your days: husband your strength. Personal it is, yes, but out of personal it is the average reader draws more lessons than from mere statement, -- always!

Of course, I am hopeful that you can see your way to this addition to the article & if you will send it on I can interpolate it at a proper point in the article. If you cannot bring yourself to do it, I will permit the article as it stands. But, naturally, I want our articles to be as strong as they can be made.

I shall be at the Blackstone [page 3] in Chicago on Friday and Saturday of this week.

Very cordially yours,

Edward Bok

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