Albert Apponyi to Jane Addams, January 27, 1913



1. VERBÔCZY UTCZA 17.   Jan. 27th 1913

Dear Miss Addams,

I really don't know whether my very superficial meeting with you, at Chicago two years ago, gives me any right to send you an invitation. It has been superficial, because at that time I was not so well acquainted with your work as I have become through reading some of your writings. Had I known it, I should certainly devoted part of the time I could spend in America to see more of it. But whatever be my own title, or want of title, I am the spokesman of many good men and women, and of great moral interests, when asking you to visit my [page 2] country, on your journey back from Egypt. It is the merest detail in the planning of a journey from the United States to Egypt, whether you take the route through [Trieste] and the European continent or a more direct one on your way back. Possibly your visit to Budapest could coincide with an international meeting of women -- Suffragists. I have spoken on the subject with the head of the local committee, Comtess Sándor Teleki and they would be but too glad to send you a formal invitation, when the day of the meeting is fixed. But quite apart from this your visit and an address [page 3] delivered by you, would infuse new life into every kind of social work, for which there is more good will than practical ability and continuing perserverance in this country. I think you could revolutionize our well-meaning ladies by words behind which stand facts and examples of self-denial. It is not my call, it is the call of good work to be done, that I ask you to follow.

Then I should like you to see with your own eyes what has certainly been misrepresented to you; I should like you to see that Hungary, at least to have a personal impression of it. Perhaps Miss Abbott will back my request, as she cannot have failed to perceive the difference between certain reports, widely spread at Chicago, and the real thing.[page 4]

You can infer from the uncalled for length of this letter how anxious I am to secure to my countrymen and country women the benefits of your visit. My wife joins me in this request; she does so on behalf of the hungarian branch of the international council of women, which she presides. We shall do everything that is within our power to make you comfortable in this country.

With highest regards I am dear Miss Addams

Yours sincerely,
Albert Apponyi