Frances Alice Kellor to National Committeemen, August 20, 1912


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August 20, 1912.

Dear Sir: --

I am writing to ask if you will kindly forward to headquarters the names and addresses of your state and county chairmen, if such have been appointed, so we may communicate with them directly with reference to the interest women are taking in the campaign.

I am enclosing also a copy of Mr. Roosevelt's telegram concerning the part he believes women should take in this campaign. If you could see your way clear to appointing a woman member of your state committee with headquarters at your state headquarters, we could then work directly through her in getting the interest of women, taking up questions of speakers, distribution of literature, etc.

In New York State there are to be six women on the State Committee, three of whom are already at work, and the enclosed is the plan of organization approved by the National Committee. If such chairman have not been appointed, will you notify me as soon as they are.

Very truly yours,

Frances A. Kellor.

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