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Gordon refuses Addams' request to help the Progressive Party, because she believes Theodore Roosevelt in not genuine in his support of woman suffrage.

Coman congratulates Addams on her measured handling of the issue of woman suffrage in her speech at the Progressive Party Convention.

Atchison congratulates Addams for seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt at the Progressive Party Convention and expresses her enthusiasm for the party's support of woman suffrage.

Gay thanks Addams for seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt and commends the Progressive Party for supporting woman suffrage.

Porter commends Addams' role with the Progressive Party and invites her to speak in California.

Blatch writes Addams of her plans to arrange a speaking engagement for Theodore Roosevelt and hopes Addams will lend her help to the Women's Political Union, as well.

Taylor congratulates Addams and Theodore Roosevelt for the cause for women's suffrage.
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