Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, January 10, 1901

Jany 10th" 1901

My dear Alice

I hadn't read [illegible title] before I sent it. I simply assumed that you might be interested in Mr White's book because you knew him at Hull-House and because he was a Kansas fellow. I have read the book since and while it is disagreeable, it is certainly clever and puts forth an aspect of family influence and affection which it [does?] we are good to see more clearly.

I hadn't thought of course of Marcet's reading it. I might easily send you many books that would be too mature for her.

Sarah refused to visit "Sadie" who gave up her school at Wausaw because she had this better offer at a [Sec'y] in Oxford. I have just come back from lecturing & haven't [time?] for longer letter.

Always your loving sister --
Jane Addams

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