A New Conscience and An Ancient Evil Newspaper Advertisement, April 17, 1912


"England has Florence Nightingale; American has Jane Addams, who is easily the foremost woman in America" -- Times (London).

A New Conscience and An Ancient Evil

The New Book By JANE ADDAMS Just Published

A work to be seriously pondered by every serious man and woman. Actual experiences of those who have investigated the "white-slave" traffic, and often the stories of girls who have been drawn into the net -- are the things of which Miss Addams's book is made. Absolutely frank in its treatment of the social evil, startling in its revelations, judicious in its suggestions and sympathetic in its viewpoint.

Cloth, 12mo, $1.00 net, postpaid $1.10

Other Books by Jane Addams

"The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets." New and cheaper edition 50c net; postpaid 60c

Jane Addams's notable work on the great problem of every large city -- how to keep the boys and girls off the city streets.

"The Newer Ideals of Peace." Cloth 12mo, $1.25 net; postpaid $1.35

"The most comprehensive book on how to help humanity in America today." -- Collier's Weekly

"Democracy and Social Ethics." Cloth, 12mo, $1.25 net; postpaid $1.35

"Startling, stimulating and intelligent." -- Philadelphia Ledger

"Twenty Years at Hull House." Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo, $2.50 net; postpaid $2.64

"Jane Addams of Chicago is a marvelous woman. She has made Hull House in Chicago famous the world over as a practical manifestation of the spirit of good-will on earth." -- Cleveland Leader.

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