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Kellogg asks Addams to write an article about the incident with the Pax Special in St. Louis for The Survey.

Scott apologizes to Smith for word getting out about Addams's illness and reports that Benjamin Fleisher of the Advertiser will meet with Addams and tell her more.

Schwimmer updates Addams about attacks on her by the Jewish media and seeks help taking Norman Hapgood to task.

Post consults with Addams about how the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section should respond to inaccurate news coverage of their 1921 conference.

Addams sends Wacker a correction about reported statements she made on Germany's need for aid.

Merriam advises Addams to ignore the Tribune's attack on her activities as they always attack liberals.

McDonnell tells Beck that his critical editorial about Addams, published in the Chicago Tribune, is wrong.

McDowell sends Addams her protest to the Chicago Tribune about an editorial that criticized Addams.

Wollenberger tells De Vry that he supports Addams's request to aid Anna Lindmann and has sent her letter to German-American newspapers.

Addams sends Glascock an article from the London Times (not found) and thanks him for the telephone interview.

Olivier writes to support Addams's remarks regarding political deportations.

Addams accuses Beck (the editor of the Chicago Tribune) of misleading coverage of her address at the Auditorium and demands a correction be published.

Addams sends Van Allen a denial that she called soldiers "murderers," a claim made by reporter Edward Marshall while she was in Europe.

Balch tells Addams about the American peace movement, office work at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and questions about where the organization should become involved.

Post describes Richards' political stance for World War I and her opinion of the press.

Addams argues that the proposed apprenticeship system needs to be remodeled before it will be effective.

Addams sends Thomas some papers under separate cover.

Leckie offers to head the publicity section of the Woman's Peace Party and cites her credentials.

Pipp requests that Addams send a statement detailing Schwimmer's international peace movement activities to be printed in the Detroit paper.
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Two excerpts from an article detailing the goings on of various Chicago women's clubs.

Addams agrees with Sedgwick that the names of the authors does not need to be included with the article. Addams has also asked Balch to take on communications with Sedgwick.

Balch invites Bryan, and various others, to join the Neutral Conference as a correspondent.

Stuart asks Addams for support to defend Bouck White, a cartoonist who has been imprisoned for desecrating the American flag.

Du Puy requests that Addams consider utilizing the National Organizations News Service for publicity of the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten supports Hollins' idea for an Internationalist Daily Labour Paper and advises Hollins to bring the idea directly to Ford.