Alice Hamilton to Jane Addams, August 1, 1902


Mackinac Island

Dear Miss Addams,

My sister says that she can recommend Miss Baldwin's and Miss Shipley's schools equally, for they are both good, the only question is whether you wish a larger school or a small one.

Miss Baldwin has about a hundred girls, Miss Shipley has only twenty. As far as Edith knows there is a very [nice] class of girls in both schools. [page 2] Another good preparatory school, smaller even then Miss Shipley's, is the Miss Kirks's school at Rosemont. Edith knows them very well.

I am so sorry Miss Bergstrom is ill. I am afraid they are pretty poorly off and rather dependent on her earning something this summer. I wish I were there to attend to the milk myself. If there is any more trouble about the [souring] do insist on their sterilizing it. They promised me they would if Pasteurization [page 3] failed.

I have promised to write another article to be ready by the 25th of September, so I shall have to leave here about the 1st! Nobody has any news of Mary Hill but I am expecting rugs and baskets which I shall endeavor to sell. The ones I don't sell I might bring back with me. We could certainly dispose of them at H.H.

I hope your lumps are not getting sore.  I am depending on Miss Smith to take you [page 4] [back] to Dr Favill.

Love to all at H.H.

Alice Hamilton
August 1st

Edith says she is sure that as far as the preparatory work goes there is no difference between the three schools.