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A protest statement claiming that Ferre Watkins's accusations that Hul-House is a communist organization are false.

Hamilton writes Addams hoping to conceive her to run for president of a committee.

Addams and Hamilton report on their visit to Germany to see conditions after World War I.

Hamilton asks Blackwell to publish a manuscript from Margit Slatcha.

Hamilton tells Smith about her travels with Addams, makes comments on their companions, and their plans to go to Germany.

Addams and Hamilton discuss a meeting they had with Baron Franz and his concerns over the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty, and their reservations about religious freedom in the Roumanian treaty.

Hamilton tells Smith about her visit in England and her hopes to meet up with Addams in London.

Hamilton tells Smith about Addams's activities at the International Congress of Women and of their plans to travel to Germany and Austria.

Hamilton updates Smith on the events of the Congress.

Hamilton tells Smith all about the delegates and atmosphere of the International Congress of Women's opening day.

Alice Hamilton writes to her family of her travels with Jane Addams in France through devastated areas affected by World War I.

Hamilton tells Smith about the people on the S.S. Noordam and their trip.

Addams is advised not to participate in the Ford Peace Ship due to poor health.

Hamilton urges Addams to ignore the militarists who are criticizing her.

Hamilton sends Thomas copies of Addams' recent cables regarding the Women's International Committee for a Permanent Peace meeting.

Hamilton writes for Addams sending Blaine the report on the International Congress of Women and commenting on the controversy over bayonet charges.

Hamilton telegrams Schwimmer that Addams will be unable to join the Ford Peace Ship expedition due to her health.

Addams and Hamilton detail in full their trip to Germany and Austria for the Society of Friends, on the matter of food and relief distribution. Descriptions include lack of food in urban areas, lack of medical care for children, and a shortage of milk. They request more funds for post-war work from the American Friends Relief Committee.

Hamilton discusses her feelings about the International Congress of Woman and the peace work that followed.

Addams and Hamilton detail their trip to Germany to see conditions for child welfare after World War I.

Addams and Hamilton detail in full their trip to countries once in the Central Powers for the Society of Friends, on the matter of food and relief distribution.

Hamilton tells Bowen about the trips she and Addams have made for the peace movement.

Hamilton describes the trip to The Hague being undertaken by the delegation of women for the International Congress of Women.

Hamilton details the various reactions of women from European countries to Addams' lectures.