Jane Addams to Lucy Biddle Lewis, July 10, 1924


My dear Mrs Lewis

Owing to the postman's strike in Toronto, I didn't have your letter about rooming at Ocean City until last night. 

It would be too nice to have you and I can hardly bear to give up that and all the rest of it, but alas I can't do any of it!

For a week I have had various unmistakable [symptoms] of a return of my old kidney malady, and while I was so [page 2] much better due to remedies and lying on my back, last Tuesday that I bought my ticket in order to be sure of a berth, I was so much worse yesterday that it seemed absolutely foolish to try the long and jiggling journey.

I was [not?] wary in my paper and quite interested in it, and more disappointed not to see you all than I can tell.

Always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

July 10" 1924 [page 3]

P.S. Your telegram came before this letter was posted and only an hour after my telegrams had been sent. I am better this morning and on my feet but I am really convinced that it would be foolish for me to travel and that I would probably end up going to bed at The Flanders and be of no use after I got there!

I am amost childishly unhappy not to see "The Friends" and to [illegible] with you!

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