Jane Addams to Ida Campbell Mott-Smith Lovett, May 25, 1923



[Peking] May 25" 1923

My dear Mrs Lovett

Of course you must have the Yarros flat, it really belongs to the studio and nothing could please me so much to have the Lovett family [finely?] settled in those rooms.

We ought to be back by the first of Sept, and if it isn't easy for Nancy and yourself to come in perhaps you will let me come to Lake Zurich to see you.

We shall miss you very much for Oct and Nov. but who am I to complain of the absences of residents! The long holiday has been delightful. We sail from Japan July 28" and allow [another?] ten days in [page 2] Honolulu where I shall think of you much of the time. We have been seeing so many people in this wonderful city and doing so many things that there has been little time for writing, but I am getting this short letter off at once that the Yarros flat question may be settled [although] I had already [written] about to Miss Lloyd.

We are seeing a lot of the Chinese as well as the American colony here -- it is due to the Dewey letters I imagine that we are so cordially received. They are an interesting people and full of high hopes for the future in spite of bandits and militarism.

With affectionate greetings to your family I am always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

PS -- The little cap was sent in a separate envelope, but never mind its loss I am bringing a gorgeous one from China! [page 3]


Mrs Robert Lovett
800 So. Halsted St
Chicago -- Ill