Jane Addams to Amy Woods, April 2, 1924


April 2, 1924

My dear Miss Woods:

I sent 160 signed sheets which I hope will reach you promptly. I got them off when I had been here less than an hour I think. 

I think that the letter we composed inviting the organizations as guests should go to all National organizations but International organizations should be invited to send two fraternal delegates. 

I felt very sorry to leave you yesterday with things in such confusion but I am sure the great thing this week will be to get out the programs not only to our own members but to all other associations and lists and that by next week the office will again be in running order. I personally do not feel discouraged. I think the one thing we must all guard against is making changes which our individual judgment dictates because now everything regarding the Congress must be largely a matter of carrying out the decisions already made and I think it is the one thing that Europeans who are accustomed to work rather formally would fail to understand. I am sure you realize that I am saying this to myself as well as to you.

With every possible wish for good luck and hoping to see you very soon, I am 

Faithfully yours, 

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. We must have the names of the International officers at least in small print on the program as it is going out to so many new people. I hope both telegrams were clear and I promise to send no more. Miss Baber has secured the representative from the Antillia Association and was very anxious to have that appear. 


J.A. [initialed]

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