Jane Addams to Samuel S. McClure, August 21, 1911


My dear Mr McClure

I thank you very much for your kind letter in regard to my articles. The entire material needs to be worked over with great care and I think that the order ought to be changed. "Legal action" -- of necessity so blunt & full of figures, might come later, after the reader may not be too shocked ↑has somewhat recovered from his shock.↓ I quite appreciate what you say of the effect of such a subject upon circulation on the other hand there ↑also↓ is a similar effect upon the writer, especially if she is desirous of [illegible] the poor & does not wish to have them ↑unduly confused with the↓ vicious for such a confusion already exists in the mind of the ↑public↓ ↑a confusion wh unfortunately already exists.↓ The American paid me more for my articles than you offer -- I think ↑and↓ I shall have to say 1500.00 for the series of five. I think your plan is a good one with the exception of the order. May [page 2] I also stipulate that Macmillan ↑be permitted to↓ bring out the book in March, after the publication of the third or fourth article.

I am sorry that the series cannot not begin until December, books on this subject are being published constantly. The Survey of last week had notices of two such books. I am [enclosing] the page containing them.

May I ask you to let me know your [decision] in regard to the articles as soon as possible, for if the material is not used in a serial, I shall try to finish the book very quickly. It is already much changed from the articles I sent you, may I ask you to return the copy.

Thanking you for your many courtesies.

I am Very sincerely yours

Aug 21" 1911

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