William M. Salter to Jane Addams, November 29, 1904

6042 Woodlawn Av.
29 Nov. '04

Dear [Miss] Addams

The passage has come safely. You have not said anything about Mrs. Emmons Blaine, & Mrs. Salter thinks it is almost rude of me to speak of it again--but I am sure you will not take it so, & that it is only the many things you have to think of that has [page 2] prevented you--or perhaps the hopelessness of doing anything with Mrs. Blaine, having as she has so many larger irons in the fire.

If it really is the latter, will you please say so?--& I shall strike her off our list of possibilities. But if not, can you suggest any way in which I might meet her?

We are near our $25,000.00 minimum, but we cannot feel easy till [page 3] we have the $30,000.00.

Forgive me if I am adding one more to your [cares]--and I am not in a hurry, only, if the case is not hopeless, I should like to have you view the matter in mind.

I have tried to reach you by telephone, but Mrs. Salter upbraids me for calling to the phone a busy woman like yourself--& so I write.
Cordially yours,
Wm Salter

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