Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, December 7, 1910



Norah said you wrote her in regard to Mr [Lindin]. I paid him fifty dollars for your present to Mrs Bowen which can be repaid at any old time. The little girl is my Xmas present to you. She is very nice in her new frame.

I am going out to spend Sunday with my brother. He has not been nearly so well lately and is afraid that he won't be able to stay. He has been very uncertain now since he came home and I think the solitude has been hard on him after so many years of institutional life. Isn't life queer and the [page 2] effect of habit the queerest of all?

Did I tell you that I spent a night with Miss Culver and that "the lot" looked very seductive? It is half a mile from Mr Ewing's lot and not far from a [charming] little white school house. Miss Culver liked the new book very much, and was as affectionate as could be.

I am sending you a birthday present -- [although] a little early because you will have more time to read now than when you come home. I have read it in preparation for my fortnightly [page 3] paper which I give tomorrow and have found it very diverting. "The Lady" by Mrs. Putnam.

I hope you will like it, I am sending it with much affection.

Always Dear One, Yrs

J. A.

Dec 7"1910