Harriet Eliza Merriam Van Der Vaart to Jane Addams, July 13, 1923


Hilltop Traverse City Mich.

July 13th 1923

Our Dear Miss Addams:

It is a comfort to think that you have one loving friend in the flesh with you, Dear Miss Smith.

You surely have many in the spirit who would be grateful if they could express their love in some tangible way.

You have given so much love to others surely Love must be finding its way to you through many avenues.

I pray that you may count [page 2] Anna Grace and me as loving you and blessing you for all that you have meant and are meaning to us.

I trust your hospital experience may have many of the loving attentions which you brought to Grace last year and which meant so much to her.

Thank you many times for the kind note I received from you from Ceylon.

Always devotedly yours

Harriet M Van der Vaart