International Congress of Women Delegates, ca. April 7, 1924



Guests of the American Section

Over Return
Frau Lotte Heller Austria
Yella Hertzka Austria
Lucie Dejardin Belgium
Mrs. Catherine [Karavéloff] Bulgaria
Madame Milena Illova Czech group in Czecho-Slovakia
Frau Aull German group in Czecho-Slovakia
Thora Daugaard Denmark ?
Madame Duchêne France Mauretania France
Madame Jouve  Mauretania France
Madame Capy Orduña Andania
Mlle. Dumont  Mauretania France
Frau Auguste Kirchhoff Norddeutscher Lloyd ?
Frau Meller Hungary
Fraulein Glücklich Mauretania (?) France
Mrs. Johnson Ireland Pittsburg  ?
Signora Vassalini Italy  
C. Ramondt-Hirschmann  Holland
Dr. Aletta Jacobs*  ?
Lilian Holby Norway
Dr. [Budinska-Tylicka] Poland
Miss Matilde Widegren Sweden
Dr. Gertrud Woker Switzerland
Mlle. Gobat

(*Partial expenses of passport, visa, etc. and return passage)

I cannot yet give you the names of a Greek delegate (no answer yet to any amount of letters and cards) and a Ukrainian; I hope that it will soon be decided who will get the full portion and who the part left of the Dutch allotment.

Those who have no boat-names mentioned after their names take the Orduna going and the Andania returning.