Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, April 30, 1910


My dear Alice

Your letter has just come. There is no doubt that Dr Ochsner is as good a surgeon as you could get, but the great point is to have ↑such↓ an examination of the tissue made, that we may be perfectly sure before any operation takes place. I should feel much better to have Dr Hektoen examine it. Please come here first so that that may be done before you go to the hospital. [page 2] Dr Hektoen is the finest bacteriologist in America without doubt. If you leave Wednesday noon do you arrive Thursday morning? Please write or telegraph me the time and train so that I may meet you. I will go up to the Augustana and select a room, and see that every thing is comfortably arranged before you [illegible]  and of course I will get a room for myself and spend the first few days & nights there with you. I will telephone Dr [page 3] Ochsner on Monday. Miss Pickard the head nurse there is very nice indeed and I will try to get hold of my nurse Miss [Simonson] who is a graduate nurse, for your case. I am terribly anxious to see you and of course the one thing is prompt action. I have known so many cases to be all right when action was prompt, that it seems hard to wait even until Thursday-- Bless you, Dear [page 4] I wish that you were here this very minute that I might tend you and assure you of my [remaining] affection. The Cedarville people went home today a little tired from so much dissipation but still in good spirits.

Always your loving sister

Jane Addams

April 30th 1910

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