Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, July 28, 1922


July 28" 1922


My dear Stanley

I am very grateful to you for sending the wreath to Mrs Arnold's funeral. Mr Arnold telegraphed me to Chicago but it has not forwarded here [at all?] even by mail so that I had your letter almost at the same time with [the] news.

Mary Smith and I have opened our house this year on [page 2] Mt Desert -- I haven't been here but for a short visit for five years, and I find the island as beautiful as ever. Some time you and Myra with the children must come to see us here -- it will be a great change from California and the cold clear [notes] but may be a good thing for you at any rate it will awfully nice to see you. I had hoped to have Winthrop up this year for a little visit. He is always in South Carolina at school when I go to New York in the winter, so that it is too hard to keep track of him. [page 3] Weber and Mary were coming but have just written that they have given it up because Mary is planning to go abroad with the girls in Oct. if her mother is well enough, so that I won't have any family here this summer.

I saw Marcet just before I left home -- she and the children had come to Cedarville for a little visit while she was changing the tenant on the farm for a man from Kansas. She has given up her dairy farm [although] she is still living in the same house in the ↑country.↓ [page 4] 

I am sure Esther has written you about the very nice wedding Louise had and that she is just settling down into her little bungalow. It was quite a family reunion and we missed the California contingent very much indeed. Mary Smith's niece "[Sara] Rozet" is here with her little [girl] who looks just as she did years ago when you first knew her.

Please give my dearest love to the family, Mary Smith joins me in it and kisses to the kiddies. I am sending a little box to them on Monday. Always your devoted Aunt Jane