Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, September 14, 1909

Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear Alice

Thank you very much for the birthday check, I am writing on "Twenty Years at Hull-House" and find that I am continually needing to send for books.

The weather and the place here are both perfectly delightful, we walked for four miles today without a touch of fatigue. [page 2]

Mary Smith is coming on in a week or two and we will be here until Nov 1st probably. We hope that she will be quite settled and I hope that the Twenty Years will be finished. It is a perfectly heavenly place in which to write.

Did Marcet finally decide upon the Martha Washington hotel? I will certainly [see] [page 3] her when I am in New York [although] I have no plans just now taking me there. Please don't hurry about the clippings, I did not send several boxes that have more to do with the House than with me, but I may send more later -- I sent Esther her check. She kept the nurse for a few days after her return and took a little trip to Cedarville, -- she had lost nine [page 4] pounds and we are awfully afraid of a set back. Poor little Mary lost [7 1/2] but is rapidly coming up again. 

With love to you, always your loving sister

Jane Addams

Sept 14" 1909