Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, March 10, 1920



19 Bd Georges-Favon

March 10, 1920.

Dearest Miss Addams,

It is very long since I have written to you at any length and ages since I have heard from you.

I write now only to say that dispensing with formalities I am myself calling the meeting of the Executive Committee for June 2-4 at Geneva, that is for the latter part of the week preceding the Suffrage Congress here. I trust you approve.

I of course wish that you were to be with us but since that is out of the question is it not possible to send Mrs. Karsten? I think it would be of great advantage. I personally should like to see that American $1000 devoted to sending her.

Please at least consider this seriously. Can we not also

1) get fraternal delegates ↑to the Suffrage meeting↓ sent to Geneva.

2) see that the regular American suffrage delegation understands and if possible sympathizes with our League. This seems to me worth while taking some trouble about. I will send a copy of this letter to Mrs. Mead, who may interest herself on this behalf.

[written in left margin] our Ex. Committee

The two consultative members who alone are entitled to represent the United States at this meeting are Miss Abbott and Miss Wald but I suppose that, if they cannot come to Geneva and there are other who could (Mrs. Spencer?, Mrs. Karsten? Mrs. Lewis?), that they might be replaced by two of the latter.

This is national not international business of course and I will write also to Mrs. Spencer about it but I also wanted to take it up with you direct. I especially want Mrs. Karsten to come. I believe if she and Mrs. Spencer could come as the consultative members it would be immensely useful.

Dear Miss Addams, I am so sorry you have ↑had↓ all these [contrarities] [page 2]

-- the trouble about poor Miss de Kay and the Survey story about surveillance -- added to all else that these days bring of difficulty and depression.

I expect Miss Cheever to arrive in Marseilles the end of this week.

Yours always affectionately,

Emily Balch [signed]