Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs to Jane Addams, June 12, 1923

a' HAGE.

June 12th 1923.

My dear Miss Addams,

Many thanks for your kind letter from Hong Kong. Probably you will now soon return to U.S.A. I hope you enjoyed your trip all over. It is a pity you did not go to Sumatra and Java. Java is really one of the most picturesque and interesting countries in the world.

You can destroy all the letters of introduction I had sent you, because if you later will visit these countries you will hardly find one of the families, I gave you letters to, still there. It is in Java as in most colonial states, people go there for a while and return to Europe or change from one place to another as circumstances allow them.

We have had in Rome our 9th Inter. Congress for Wom. Suffrage. It was attended by 43 countries. [page 2] Several of our pacifist-friends were there and among them our great friend Miss Balch. She looked very frail but only bodily because spiritually she was as strong as ever.

It was an interesting time in Rome. Mrs. Catt resigned as president, was elected Hon. pres. with full voting power and is succeeded by Mrs. Margery Corbett-Ashby.

I hope Mrs. Catt will now use her time and powers for peace-propaganda and that you two great women of U.S.A. will soon find each other in a common task.

My health is much better than it was before, I hope to be able to do something more than I have done before long.

Will you give my love to Miss Smith? I always have admired her and if I would have been a man I should have fallen [page 3] in love with her. I am glad you have such a sweet friend.

Hoping that your trip has given you much pleasure and fresh impressions for how much there is still to ↑be↓ done before the world will be a save place to live in peacefully and happily,

with hearty greetings


Aletta H. Jacobs.