Alice Freeman Firman to Jane Addams, June 2, 1923

42 East [Cliu?] Road,
[Pei Tai Ho], No. China.
June 2 -- 1923.

My dear Miss Addams, --

I was sorry not to see you again before leaving Peking and regret that we could not have entertained ↑you↓ in my daughter's home.

But when I saw how crowded your days were, I felt the kindest thing to do for you was to let you alone -- I hope you will pick up some rest somewhere between here and America. As I remember the Chosen Hotel in Seoul when we stopped their seven [page 2] years ago ↑it↓ was a restful place. -- Maybe you will find it so, too.

It is lovely to be back [illegible] here by the sea, after the dust of Peking. By September I expect to feel all "fit" to take to the road again. Maybe I can gather some points for you about the organization of Turkish women for civic improvement. I am much interested in going back to Mesopotamia again.

Even with only a fraction of heart energy I still find lots of enjoyment [page 3] in life.

Please give my love to the 19th ward especially dear Mrs. Wright and Mr. Richardson and Mrs. Pelham. With regards to Miss Smith and best wishes for the rest of your travels,

Sincerely yours

Alice Freeman Firman

(Mrs. B. W. )