Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Memberships Lists and Accounts, March 12 to March 25, 1920



 Membership list↓

Account of money received March 12 to March 25, 1920

Check Address Nat'l dues Int'l dues Contr. Total
Mrs. Jerome H. Frank,
1168 Hamptondale Road,
Hubbard, Woods, Ill
1. 1. 2.
Miss Matilda C. Schaff
601 N. Pine Ave,
Austin, Chicago
1. 1.
Mrs. Helen T. Graham,
4906 Argyle Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri
1. 1.
Mrs. John Carter,
Riverbank Court Hotel,
Cambridge, Mass.
1. 1.
Miss Florence
Dombey Shepherd, 56 Spring St.,
Malden, Mass.
1. 5. 6.
Mrs. Maude V. P. Hazelton,
3130 Coleman Road,
Kansas City, Missouri
1. 5. 6.
Mrs. Edward A. Steiner,
921 High St.,
Grinnell, Iowa
1. 1. 2.
Miss Marguerite L. Thomas,
61 Sparks St.,
Cambridge, Mass.
1. 1.
Miss Louise Bloch,
420 Riverside Drive,
N. Y. City
1. 1.
Mrs. E. Ehrmann,
16 East 49th St.,
N. Y. City
1. 1.
Miss Harriet C. Coughlan,
Monticello, Iowa
1. 1.
Mrs. Walter L. Ehrich,
30 West 70th St.,
New York City
1. 1.
Mrs. Mary S. Brewer,
283 Rivington St.,
1. 1.
Mrs. J. Malcolm Forbes,
280 Adams St.,
Milton Mass.
1. 5. 6.
Mrs. Alice Dow Allinson,
check for 68.75 covering
48 Chicago memberships and [illegible] contributions
Contributions from
Miss Addams [illegible]
48 National members
3 Int'l members
Contributions 5.75
48. 15. 5.75 68.75
Mrs. J. E. Church,
358 Washington St.,
Reno, Nevada
1. 1.

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Carried for'd

Nat'l dues

Int'l dues








Mrs. M. L. Goodkind
5329 Hyde Park Blvd.





Mrs. George H. Mead,
1537 East 60th St.,
Chicago, Ill.





Miss Sarah Henry,
P.O. Box 307,
West Chester, Pa.





Miss Majory B. Jones,
408 Manhattan Ave.,





Miss Ruth R. Pearson,
5706 Stony Island Ave.,
Chicago, Ill.





Miss Fanny Borden,
Vassar College Library,
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
(Miss Borden subscribed to Int'l earlier)





Mrs. Faith W. Morgan,
Care Miss Walcott,
Hampton, Va.





Miss Caroline A. Skinner,
235 West 75th St.,





Miss Isabel Howland,
Sherwood R.F.D.
Aurora, N.Y.





Miss Emily Howland,
same address





Mrs. Charles Salomon,
823 West End Ave.





Miss F. J. Constantine,
53 [Hinckley] Place,
Brooklyn, N.Y.





Mrs. J. T. Nichols,
116 Ninth St.
Garden City, N.Y





Mrs. Emma J. Behr,
37 King St.,
Englewood, N.J.





Miss Callista E. O'Neill,
62 Washington Square,





Mrs. Cyrus L. Sulzberger,
516 West End Ave.,





Miss Zona Gale
Portage, Wisc.





Mrs. Ethel McClintock Adamson,
215 West 101th St.





Mrs. Adolphe Openhym.
352 Riverside Drive,





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Brought for'd Nat'l dues Int'l dues Contr. Total
Chk 80 55 9.75 144.75
Mrs. Wm.
Marburg, N.Y.C.
1 1
Miss Mary A. Burnham,
3401 Powelton Ave.
1. 5. 6.
Miss Mary Johnston,
"Three Hills,"
Warm Springs, Va.
1. 5. 6.
Mrs. E. L. Burnham,
Berwyn, Pa.
1. 2. 3.
Money Order: Miss Mary N. Chase,
Andover, N.H.
Miss Harriet M. Rhoads,
Moylan, Penna.
Mrs. W. G. Dietz,
6 Maple St.,
Palmyra, Penna.
Mrs. Maximillian Toch,
Ansonia Hotel,
73d & Broadway, N.Y.
Anonymous contribution 1. 9.
86 70 12.75 168.75

Grand total

↑Also Mrs. Charles Zueblin Winchester Mass Nat'l & Int'l -- $6.00↓ [page 4]

Additional Members

Bartlett, Mrs. Elsie C. 1801 Ardmore Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif.
Brostrom, Mrs. E. E. 1475 West 22nd Street Los Angeles, Calif.
Buttenhelm, Mrs. Henry Madison New Jersey
↑X↓ Clark, Mrs. James B. Belhaven, Beaufort Co. North Carolina
Coke, Mrs. T. H. R. R. 26, Downey, Calif.
Cornell, Mrs. Hand 2139 12 West 16th St. Los Angeles, Calif.
Dunn, Mrs. George T. 219 West Fir St. San Diego, Calif.
Evans, Mrs. Edmund C. Ardmore Penna.
Ewing, Mrs. O. H. Miller Road, Morristown New Jersey
Ferris, Mrs. Sallie R. 1816 S. Ardmore Avenue Los Angeles, Calif.
Gillingham, Miss Anna S. Vaughan & Rochelle St. Cincinnati, Ohio
Jenks, Mrs. Wm. 349 N. Howan Avenue Los Angeles, Calif.
Kolgore, Mrs. Annie E. Glasgow Kentucky
LaFollette, Mrs. Robert 3320 16th St. Washington D. C.
Leach, Mrs. Henry G. 823 Parl Avenue New York City
Robinson, Miss Ellen 2131 N St., N. W. Washington D. C.
Stone, Mrs. O. W. Ontario Calif.
Whitman, Mrs. Mary B. Los Molince Calif.
Winter, Mrs. B. 2573 Carlton St. Berkley, Calif.
↑Winsor, Mary Haverford Penna
Barnes, Mrs Annie H 30 Elingiore Ave [illegbile] R. I.
Browning, Mrs. Robt Terrell Texas↓

[page 5]

↑The names that are not scratched out are those of national members who have subscribed through me. They number 63 and I am sending Mrs Hull a ck for $63.00.↓

Joseph B. Cohen,1827 Marshall Street,

Mrs. Nalson O. Lyster 117 E. Stewart Avenue,

Mrs. Jos. Kruslopf, 4715 Pulaski Avenue,

Mrs. Geo. H. Deacon, McKean Ave., Gtn.

Elizabeth Powell Pond, 6300 Green Street, Gtn.

Mary H. Thatcher, Swarthmore, Pa

Agnes Flehinghans 2203 Spruce Street,

Mrs. Chas. Paxson, Swarthmore, Pa.

Mrs. John R. Maxwell Villa Nova.

Miss Ellen Winsor Haverford, Pa.

Mrs. Jos. May, The Gladstone, Phila., Pa.

Miss Margaret C. Maule, 21 South 21st Street,

Mrs. Gilbert K. Preston, Riverview Ave., Swarthmore

Mrs. C. C. Lippincott, Lansdowne, Pa.

Catherine E. Rhoads 4247 Walnut Street,

Mrs. Grace W. Browne George School, Pa.

Mrs. Finley Acker 4943 Rubican Ave., Gtn.,

Mrs. Alice S. Israel, 5145 Morris St., Gtn.,

Elizabeth W. Hicks, 33 Windermier Avenue

Mrs. Edwin C. Grice, 3318 Arch Street,

Susan G. Shipley, Box 246 Merion, Pa.

Mrs. Louise T. Prise, Wayne Apts., Wayne, Pa.

Mrs. Anne P. Suplee, 101 Lansdowne Court, Lansdowne, Pa.

Mary S. Verlenden 15 Ridge Ave, Darby, Pa.

Rachel Lowrie, 1827 Pine Street,

Mrs. John March 1717 W. Pacific Street,

Miss Marion Cock, 333 N. Franklin St. West Chester, Pa.

Caroline Rhoads 686 Railroad Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa.

[page 6]

Miss Mary C. L. Bishop, Moylan, Pa.

Mrs. Jesse H. Holmes 5 Whittier Pace, Swarthmore, Pa.

Emily [Maule] & Sisters West Grove, Route 2, Chester Co., Pa.

Miss Florence L. Sanville, Westtown, Pa.

Miss Kabe Kelsey, Stenton Avenue, ↑Chestnut Hill Phila.↓

Miss Fannu T. Cochran, 131 S. 22nd Street,

A. M. Holden, 4325 Frankford Avenue,

Frances Haines, The Osceola, Orlando, Fla.

Mrs. Chas. Stratton, West Chester, Pa.

Mary Cope James, Elmsley Farm, West Chester, Pa.

Dr. Kate W. Baldwin, 1117 Spruce Street,

Mrs. Charles H. Frazier 1724 Spruce Street,

Lydia S. Thomas, Moylan, Pa.

Clara D. DeHaven 320 W. Church St., West Chester, Pa.

Sarah Cole DeHaven  [320 W. Church St., West Chester, Pa.]

Mrs. Chas. S. Hirsch, 910 Pine Street,

Martha Moore, 212 S. 45th Street,

Miss Pauline L. Neidhard Chestnut Hill, Pa.

Maria L. Broch, 530 E. Miner St., West Chester, Pa.

Margaret Pratt, 500 N. Monroe St., Media, Pa.

Mary L. Pratt, [500 N. Monroe St., Media, Pa.]

Anna P. Rhoads Route 6, West Chester, Pa.

Helen E. Rhoads [Route 6, West Chester, Pa.]

Mrs. Letitia P. Hull, 3325 Spring Garden St.

Hettie Behrend, 419 Locust Ave., Gtn.

Mrs. M. B. Hirsh, Hotel Walton,

Elizabeth R. Taylor Cheltenham, Pa.

Mrs. [Wm.] Bunting, 7 E. Greenwood Ave. Lansdowne, Pa.

Miss Lillie C. Bunting, [7 E. Greenwood Ave. Lansdowne, Pa.]

Miss Eleanor K. Howell, Radnor Hall, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

↑Mrs. Margaret Seller Brown Swarthmore Pa.↓ [page 7]

Mrs. Frank Carrison, S. West Harbor, Maine

Mrs. O. A. Gorner, 2 Parley Vale, Jamaica Plains, Mass,

Mrs. Charles S. Taylor, Haverford, Pa.

Mrs. Samuel N. Longstreth, 44 Pearl St., LaJolla, Cal.

Miss Linde W. Crawford, 1535 N. Marshall Street,

Miss Emma Troth, 1020 Chestnut Street,

Elizabeth W. Collins, Swarthmore, Pa.

Mrs. A. Foulke Pim, 205 Elm Ave., Swarthmore, Pa.

Mrs. Herman Loeb, St. James Hotel, Annex.

J. L. Hoopes, Swarthmore, Pa.

Mrs. Merriott C. Morris, 131 W. Walnut Lane,

Miss Lidiea Stokes Adams, 942 S. 49th Street.

Miss Anna M. W. Pennypacker 834 S. 49th Street,

Mrs. Laviania C. Hoopes 833 W. Franklin St., West Chester, Pa.

Mrs. Ada B. Harvey, [833 W. Franklin St., West Chester, Pa.]

Emily Corson, [Plymouth] Meeting, Pa.

Anna D. White, 120 Hilldale Road, Lansdowne, Pa.

Ellen Winsor

Elizabeth D. Paxson, Aldine Hotel, Phila.

Elizabeth Howell Bacon, 162 Green Lane,

Mrs. [Isaac] Sharpless Haverford, Pa.

Amy C. Sharpless [Haverford, Pa.]

Mrs. Walter M. Newkirk The Longacre, 1429 Walnut Street

Miss Ellen Cope, 864 N. Randolph St.

Agnes L. Tiorney, West Coulter Street,

Miss Helen Stratton Moylan, Pa.

Susan A. Tarnall, 5337 Knox St., Gtn.

A. B. Thomas, 224 Jacoby Street, Morristown, Pa.

Mrs. George Sikinton, Moylan, Pa.

Mrs. Walter South [B166?] Green Street,

Mrs. Henry J. Gibrone, [B4?] Cynwyd, Pa.

↑Subscribers through Mrs Hull↓

Mrs. Arthur K. Stern, 2034 N. 18th Street,

Mrs. Albert Berkowitz, 1739 Berks Street,

Mrs. Samuel N. Levi, 1626 Diamond Street,

Mrs. Henry Rosenthal, 1821 Erie Ave.

Mrs. M. Geis, 1901 W. Erie Ave.

Mrs. S. Weil, 3309 N. Broad St.

Mrs. L. Freeman, 3868 N. 19th Street,

Mrs. F. Gerbin, 1425 Ontario St.

Miss Elizabeth Merot 140 N. 15th Street,

Miss Antonio M. Holden, 4325 Frankford Avenue.

Mrs. Letitie P. Hull, 3325 Spring Garden St.

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