Heaven Wide Open, June 27, 1923



"Heaven Wide Open."

By Arthur Brisbane

Copyright. 1923. by Star Company.

JANE ADDAMS, ill in Japan, must undergo a serious operation. This is alarming news for millions that know the work Miss Addams has done, and the example she has set before the world -- even more valuable than her work. Max Hart at Twenty-fourth St. and Michigan Av., Chicago, lunching with his brother Harry, said yesterday: "Everybody hopes Miss Addams will live to be a hundred. But you should republish the article you wrote about her many years ago." I remember the last lines. They were, "Lucky the man who dies on the day of Jane Addams' death. The doors of Heaven, on that day, will be open so wide that all may enter." If pure goodness, unselfishness and devotion count in Heaven as we believe they do, Jane Addams will have a seat in front of Washington, Jefferson and many others, and very likely next to Lincoln.