Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, June 17, 1909


Nat. Conference of Social Work 

J. A. elected first woman President [illegible]


Buffalo, N.Y. June 17" 1909


Your letter came last night after my acceptance speech and all the other fuss. It was terribly fine to find it here. Miss Wald was very nice, is full of solicitude and ready to come to us on a moments notice. Every thing went off with her extremely well. It [has] been a rushing time but the book is enormously improved [page 2] and with the fuss I think "The office" of course has meant a lot of committee meetings but after the "Denver Board" they seemed easy. We are off this afternoon for St Albans which to tell the truth sounds rather nice and restful -- if I am not careful I will contract the country habit. I do hope that Eleanor's eye is better and that this week has not been very hard for you.

Bless you Darling! Always yrs J. A.

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