Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, March 10, 1910


March 10" 1910



Your letter was of great comfort to me today. I do hope the climate will make up for the lack of good food but you ought to have both.

I haven't heard a word from Dr Gehring and this morning I telephoned to Mrs Herrick suggesting that she write to him. She says that he some times neglects his correspondence.

I saw your father this morning and he seemed to me [page 2] particularly well and content. He certainly knew me for a minute or two and tried to say my name. We are giving a little reception to Josephine Goldmark this evening, visiting "the ten hour" people, so to speak. Mr [Franklin?] was here to lunch and in all respects the days seem as fine as usual.

I had already written to our landlady before I sent [this] letter. I thought it might entertain you. I sent two books today on the principle of those I had just read & liked.

Always yours Darling, J. A.

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