Mary Rozet Smith to Frederick Ferdinand Moore, August 5, 1923


My dear Mr. Moore

In the confusion over Miss Addams' very sudden illness I [had] not ↑even↓ realized that I had most rudely left your kind note unacknowledged ↑as I apparently had↓ We were very grateful for your commendation of us to Mr. Oda and had expected to see you as soon as we reached Tokyo, both to thank you for that and to avail ourselves of your kind suggestion in regard to [page 2] meeting a few of the "real" Japanese people in Tokyo. Miss Ballard has just told me that you thought it might be possible to arrange an audience with the Empress for Miss Addams at Nikko. She had, of course, given up all idea of being received and Miss Scott, I believe, had explained ↑this↓ to Mr. Wilson at our Embassy.

If it is possible without [page 3] too much inconvenience on your part thatthe Empress should receiveMiss Addams to arrange for an audience with the Empress in Nikko Miss Addams would be very grateful. But she quite realizes that [it?] may not be possible.

We are obliged to leave Nikko on the 15th as there is to be one ↑a↓ belated reception in Tokyo on the following day.