Jane Addams to Eri Baker Hulbert, May 1, 1919



PARIS [stamped]

May 1st 1919

Dear Eri

We saw five days of the devastated regions [through] which we [were] driven by the Red Cross automobiles. This is a picture from Rheims. Your loving aunt Jane

Mr Eri Hulbert
7131 Princeton Ave
Chicago Ill
U.S.A. [page 2]


7. -- REIMS -- 19 Sept. 1914. -- Les cloches de la Tour Nord de la Cath├ędrale trombent sous le bombardement.

RHEIMS. -- September 19th 1914. -- The bells of the North Tower of the Cathedral fall under bombardment.

[printed up right margin] Jules Matot, edit. Reims

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