Ann L. Baldwin to Jane Addams, April 1910


My dear Miss Addams,

I read last evening the first of your notes in the American. I read them with the deepest interest. I too had a Saw-Mill & a Flour Mill. I remember so well the dusky, floury places and the empty bins with piles of bran and I had many exciting rides on the logs oh! So very near that memorable Saw.

I too lost much sleep on account of a wicked lie I told my mother. I confessed it to her not many years ago. [It] was all very near & touching to me & because of that perhaps I had such a wave of love for you I was almost overwhelmed [page 2] by it. It was like the love that I had for my daughter-- It seemed to me that you must somehow feel it-- I sent it to you as I have sent many thoughts to you -- since you have been ill -- in the only way that I know how. (I do not know that very well) & I hope in some way they have reached you & been a comfort to you. I am dear Miss Addams

Most sincerely yours

Ann L. Baldwin

This is not for you [illegible]

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