Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, January 30, 1910

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1430 Astor Street

My dear Alice

I was very glad to have your nice long letter on Friday. I did not ask you to come in because I was anxious to have the thing go through with as little fuss and ceremony as possible. Alice Hamilton was admitted solely on the ground of being a physician the others did not see me until the third day. Dr Favill never recommended my being in the hospital for six weeks, but away [page 2] from H. H. for six weeks which I am conscientiously carrying out. I am in the third story of Mrs Bowen house with a little sitting room to myself in which I am just now beginning to have casual visitors -- the first week I kept my nurse and was as quiet as at the hospital.

I am at last able to read and am beginning to enjoy the [level] of convalescence. J. Lathrop is at H. H. and of course everything is going on very well. [page 3] The first journey I take [will] be to Cedarville, but I am afraid all journeys are forbidden until the wound which is a big one, is well healed.

Please give my love to Marcet when you write. Always your loving sister

Jane Addams.

P.S. When are you coming back to Ill. Can you come by way of Chicago?

Jany 30" 1910